Monday, March 14, 2011

dorot frozen herbs

Trader Joe's never ceases to amaze me with its inventory and quality of products. I look forward to my weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) visits with way more excitement than I should probably be willing to admit. But during my past over-zealous visit, I spotted these in the frozen section: Dorot frozen herbs. At $1.99, I inevitably and curiously tossed a basil one into my cart. Inquisitive experimentation, you see, is one of the best parts of my Trader Joe's routine. That and their cheese section. And pizza dough. And frozen mini baguettes.

So the Dorot verdict? Have one of these in every herb variety (basil, cilantro, and parsley) in your freezer at all times. Not only are they phenomenally (and surprisingly) fresh tasting but they take convenience to a whole new level. While I wouldn't use them to substitute the real deal in certain applications (i.e. pesto or gremolata, ceviche, etc.), they're perfect to pop into sauces and any other recipe which calls for fresh herbs to be stirred in at the end.

And the gnocchi with tomato basil cream sauce I haphazardly and inexplicably put together late last night after I had cooked dinner? Divine.

And perfectly basil-y.

Seek these out at your soonest convenience. You'll sleep soundly knowing they're tucked away in your freezer. Or at least they seem to have that kind of calming effect on me. Nothing scarier than a last minute dinner guest and no fresh herbs in sight. Make that no fresh herbs and no wine. Nothing. Scarier. Exists.

For a look at Dorot's full product line, click here.


Katie said...

Love these. Nothing bugs me (or my budget) more than $5 herbs that go bad in a few days, before I have time to use them.

MichellePC said...

I <3 Trader Joe's! This is a fantastic find.

Kiira Leess said...

I agree with you both!

According to their website, they also have dill, ginger, garlic (which TJ's has but I'm partial to fresh garlic. always.) and chile varieties, too!

cmac said...

I always get the frozen garlic from Dorot! It's amazing and perfect to add in to your pesto shrimp pasta dish! :) Heart TJ!


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