Wednesday, January 28, 2009

welcome to eat and greet

Hello, and WELCOME to what I hope will be first of many exciting, interesting, salivating, hunger-inducing and dare I say life-changing posts! Starting a food-centric blog has been on my fateful To Do List for way, way, way too long. And today's the day I've decided to start checking some stuff off. As for the more daunting one's, to the back burner they return.

The premise of this blog will be my ridiculous but incredibly self gratifying obsession and passion towards food and the culinary arts. I'm constantly reading anything and everything food related whether it be blogs, recipe websites, magazines, or cookbooks, I can't get enough. And I think my friends and family (really you guys?!?!) have grown weary of my constant blabber of all things food related so I've come here to channel my thoughts instead.

I'll be doing restaurant reviews, posting recipes and entertaining tips, as well as how to eat and entertain on a "budget." As a twenty three year old living in New York City, I too face the challenge of trying to create perfect little (or not so little) bites on a not so perfect little budget and even tinier kitchen. Let's move beyond this. I'll help you.

I look forward to sharing, eating, and greeting with you all!



Michelle said...

I can't wait! I too love food!

perfectbite said...

Serve it up... I'm hungry!

kiss and type. said...

love it!


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