Thursday, February 3, 2011

when there's "nothing" in the fridge

When faced with a fridge full of "nothing" I often default to this. An egg 'n cheese with home fries, all neatly rolled up together in a soft flour tortilla. It's a quick, filling, ridiculously economical but undeniably comforting little dinner. In fact, I could have a fridge full of fabulous and exotic ingredients and still cozy up to this without a peep of complaint. I'd argue you could even turn this into a pretty fabulously received brunch dish by serving up a salad with avocado and a zippy vinaigrette alongside. Blood orange mimosas to wash it all down. The perfect dish and sip for Saturday or Sunday morning, ahem, revival. And I think we all know what that means.

For my recipe for the best home fries out there (yeah, I said it), click here.

1 comment:

bee and jay said...

Geez your making me hungry!!Sounds fab as always.


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