Wednesday, April 28, 2010

grilled mahi mahi wrap

This sandwich was so deliciously simple, I'm still kind of thinking lovingly and longingly about it. Isn't that always the case when you have no expectations? Duffy's is an impossibly casual beachfront burger join in Vieques. And quite frankly, that's just as it should be. Bypassing the burgers on the menu, my eyes darted towards the grilled Mahi Mahi wrap: grilled Mahi Mahi, lettuce, tomato, and cilantro-lime sauce. Done. And a Margarita on the rocks. No salt.

What the Margarita lacked in any and all good Margarita-y flavor, this sandwich more than made up for. Totally simple but packed with flavor. Which is just what I crave when I'm at the beach. No frills. Just simple grilled fare. You too, right?

I can't imagine this being a difficult number to recreate. I'd marinate the Mahi Mahi in a combination of lime and orange juice with some garlic and cilantro. Don't let it go too long. The acid in the citrus juice will start to cook the fish. And unless you're serving this as ceviche, that's not what you want. After it's marinated for about an hour or two in the refrigerator, throw the fish onto the grill until it's just cooked through. A few minutes a side (if that) is all it's going to need.

Then heat up a large flour tortilla, dress it with a little lettuce, tomato, and red onion, and lay the grilled Mahi Mahi right on top. Fold it up, cut it in half, and go on and relish in that light and easy sandwich.

Serving suggesion: Eat while digging your toes into the sand.

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