Tuesday, April 6, 2010

heavenly hostess aprons

I don't think I'm a particularly over-the-top girly girl (well, let's put it this way: I do love any excuse to get decked out once in a while BUT I still pride myself in being able to get ready for nearly anything in record time) but I absolutely, positively must own one of these gorgeous cocktail aprons. I would be far too nervous to do any serious cooking in one of these but as soon as guests arrived, I'd throw it on on top of some black tights, a black top, and some killer heels and would feel nothing short of glamorous in a fun, flirtatious, and dare I say sexy kind of way. They're retro and contemporary all at the same time. Cannot. Get. Enough.

I need one, right?

Check out Heavenly Hostess's whole line of beautiful Cocktail Aprons here.


kristen.gingera said...

ahh I am obsessed with all things Mad Men and some of those halter aprons reminded me of those nostalgic times...love!

Kiira Leess said...

right?? dying over them. so, so fab.


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