Tuesday, September 14, 2010

warming the house

What's really of note here is how amazing the no-cook pizza sauce turned out (seen in this last photo). When making a classic margarita, there's no better option--the outcome was just as bright, fresh, and flavorful as I had imagined it to be. And when the recipe starts and ends with adding a can of San Marzano tomatoes to a food processor with a little garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and olive oil and pressing pulse? I mean, get out of here with that. It's just too easy. And too damn good.

Oh and the party? The party was smashing. With an apartment filled to maximum capacity with some of my favorite people, there was no way it couldn't be. But in the future, far less bubbles will be consumed over the course of an evening. And while my abs are still slightly sore from laughing, laughing, laughing, my head still doesn't feel 100% back to normal. Makin' it rain with champagne does have its consequences. And these consquences are of the throbbing kind.

But really, I'm not complaining. 'Cause I get to call these fine lookin' ladies my friends. For life.

1 comment:

DLeess said...

Love the pic of the girls and how successful and beautiful you've all become. Proud of you, KBL!


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