Monday, February 23, 2009

and i'm like, get outta here cold

Given that I was most definitely ill for the entire weekend (so much for fast-acting z-pack), I unfortunately cannot report on any good eats that have been devoured of late. I did manage to eat the majority of my meals at home this weekend, both surprising and unsurprising given the state of my health. But sometimes, all you need is some serious rest with limited interaction with the outside world. Or, Lost Season 4 on DVD with the blinds drawn plus lots 'o fresh squeezed OJ.

What did I make? Again, really nothing to write home about, err, blog about. There was a straight-out-of-left-field breakfast early Saturday morning, complete with two small pancakes lovingly topped with butter and maple syrup and two perfect, gently fried eggs on the side (clearly a desperate attempt to convince myself that I could in fact eat a whole meal, cold and all). I fell back asleep shortly thereafter only to wonder if I had dreamed about eating my lumberjack breakfast or whether it did in fact, happen. Since all my R&R this weekend was cough and cold medicine FREE (read: no drug-induced food hallucinations), I'm embarrassed to say that this breakfast really did take place. The real giveaway: two lone pancakes left to stay warm in the oven were discovered late Sunday. A minor casualty but slightly sad realization.

My reward for my week + weekend long battle with a loss of appetite and overall feeling of crapiness was a homemade meatloaf (my chipotle turkey meatloaf, of course) sandwich on 12-grain with avocado and baby greens. Rapidly devoured at lunch today.

I'm back in action, baby.

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