Wednesday, February 11, 2009

fat hippo

So a new restaurant has just opened up down on the LES called Fat Hippo (ehh, on the name) and I'm absolutely loving the way this place looks. The decor is totally minimalistic done right. It's sexy, chic, and cozy all at the same time. Hello, date night. Or, let's be honest here, girls night out. Grub Street was the first to post its menu this afternoon and it looks especially promising. Especially the house cured salmon with apple fennel salad and potato latkes, the shrimp ceviche, and the duck cuban. The prices are decidedly reasonable and dare I say cheap but, the real kicker? Until they get their beer and wine license, it's BYOB. And, there just happens to be a liquor store right across the street. Mmm. Perfection.

Fat Hippo,
71 Clinton St., nr. Rivington St.

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