Tuesday, January 12, 2010

butternut squash soup

For some reason, I'm not big on soup. Perhaps it's the same reason I'm not a hot coffee drinker. Something about sipping or slurping hot liquids doesn't fair well with me. HOWEVER, that's not to say that it never happens. Slide a cup of authentic New England Clam Chowder my way and I'm as happy as a...well...don't make me fill in the blank.

Butternut squash is a favorite veggie of mine. And hey, guess what? It also happens to be high in fiber, our special word of the week. Butternut squash soup is a great thing to have on hand so when you make up a batch, freeze half for those days when you're staring, longingly and devastatingly into an uninspired refrigerator. This recipe from Epicurious seems pretty straightforward, I'd just omit the red pepper puree garnish. Unless of course you're entertaining and feel like showing off. On any other night of the week, I'd crumble in a little bit of goat cheese and let the hot, naturally thickened soup, gently melt it until soft white marbled swirls are formed. A simple green salad and a torn piece of baguette (whole grain, preferably) and you're good to go.
A simple variation on this recipe would be adding some grated ginger to the onions and garlic for a slightly spicy and exotic twist. A splash of lite coconut milk would be even more gorgeous with the ginger addition. And never hesitate adding some fresh sage to the original recipe. Sage and butternut squash belong together. Forever and ever.

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