Tuesday, January 5, 2010

please excuse my scatterbrain

Photo Courtesy New York Times
So yesterday I forgot my camera cord. Today, my battery is dead and I'm charger-less. My alarm didn't go off this morning. The guy at Amy's Bread gave me the wrong bag (so not a scone person) and I had severe insomnia last night up until about 7:00 this morning when I was out like a light. Convenient, when wake-up call (which this girl did not receive) is a mere 40 minutes away.

So not the way I'd like to kick off my first post of 2010 but alas, such is life. Now to power through this day and hopefully come out in one piece and with a smile, albeit forced, across my face.

Now then! 2010! Yikes. Can you believe it? I sure can't. And while I'm not one for serious resolutions (or at least one's I'm able to keep) I'm starting this year off with a bang which includes re-introduction of gym membership via making my own coffee in the morning. Ever done the math on how much you shell out for coffee every morning? What I thought was a cheap luxury turns out to be the equivalent of a gym membership. And the treadmill won.

I wouldn't dream of boring you or myself with dull, light meals. Who wants that? So today, I offer a healthy dinner or lunch option that'll punch you in the face with flavor: Thai Beef Salad. I know some of the ingredients (read: fish sauce) seem like an unnecessary addition to your pantry but if you're into Thai, Korean, or Vietnamese food, fish sauce will soon become a go-to condiment (it's that background flavor that always has you thinking "hmm, what is that?" the quintessential southeast asian ingredient). Plus it's super cheap (under $2) when you pick it up at an Asian Food Store. Think of it as a putrid smelling but immensely flavorful ketchup. Or, something like that.

Steak can be swapped for chicken or shrimp or neither. But once you take a bite of this salad you won't believe it's so conveniently good for your waistline. You'll just think, "I like you, Kiira."

I like you too.

Thai Beef Salad Recipe courtesy of the New York Times

Wine Pairing: Pacific Rim Dry Riesling

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