Wednesday, January 13, 2010

zakanaka pinotage

I'm not sure why I don't do wine recommendations more often but that's going to change. Starting now. I picked up this bottle of wine, 2005 Zakanaka South African Pinotage ($12.99) over the weekend and popped it last night as a reward for making it through my Tuesday. Don't judge. Pinotage is a varietal I haven't had a ton of experience with but one that I've always found intriguing. And holy heck was this one intriguing. Dark and inky in the glass with some subtle smokey notes on the nose. But the taste brought some serious funk: think gamey flavors, like juicy lamb followed by intense spice via black pepper and clove, tingling your lips. It's certainly full bodied and the wine makes its presence known by lingering in your mouth long after you've sipped. A beyond perfect wine to cozy up to on these brutally bitter cold nights. And this one's like a meal in and of itself. YUM.

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