Sunday, May 16, 2010

taste of tribeca

This past Saturday was the 2010 Taste of Tribeca: a culinary festival to benefit the two public elementary schools in the area, PS 150 and PS 234. The weather could not have been more perfect (perhaps except for the wind tunnel that is Tribeca) and I happily bopped around the event, snapping pics and eyeing the food with envy. Yes. That's right. I perused the event without purchasing a ticket to gorge. And while the proceeds clearly go to an excellent cause, I just couldn't justify shelling over the $45 on a day where I was flying solo. And you know what? That was just fine with me. There's something slightly liberating about doing things on your own. Besides, when I want to do something, I'm the last person to wait for someone to do it with. Had the event been more enjoyable with a plus one? Well, of course. But with the sun streaming down, helping me to achieve that much desirable t-shirt tan, and a bluegrass-meets-rock band playing, this gal was smiling and discretely (or not so) swaying her hips to the music.

Among the many restaurants I had my eye on, standouts were The Harrison, Landmarc, Sushi Azabu, Terroir Wine Bar (smoked chickpea and calamari salad, WIN) Zucker's Bagels & Smoked Fish (they were offering mini bagels with the works).

And with that, I'm already anxiously anticipating next year's event. When, undoubtedly, I'll be taking part in the eating portion.

Chef Amanda Freitag of The Harrison

The Lamb Jamb Lamb Meatball Cook-Off: Amanda Freitag vs. Marc Forgione

Amanda Freitag went the old school route: lamb meatballs finished in a homemade tomato sauce

Marc Forgione went new school: cumin-scented lamb meatballs with a yogurt sauce

Judge's Panel: some Next Food Network Star chick, Sara Gore of LXTV, and Ben Leventhal. And the winner is...

Marc Forgione!

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