Thursday, May 6, 2010


Me, two weeks ago, at the tender age of 24. Sigh.
So, it's like kinda, sorta my Birthday today and I contemplated not posting anything and, you know, taking the day off, but, guess what? That would be lame. For the birds. I think. You only turn 25 (how did that happen?! seriously though. how?) once so I thought I'd share it with you all. Plus, y'all make me feel good. So I'm going to shower myself in that happiness. Birthdays (and the like) typically tend to stress me out but I'm making a conscious effort to maintain a very zen-like attitude today by ignoring every irrational thought that crosses my mind and sends me into a panic about aging and life swiftly passing by, by reminding myself of what's to come tonight: great friends, great food, and great wine.

If you haven't been yet, get on that. Like immediately.

Because the Finger Lakes Riesling on tap and the smoked chickpea and calamari salad are so frighteningly delicious it's difficult for me to tell myself "No" on a daily basis. Cravings for it hit me hard. And often. And so what better way to ring in my 25th year than by giving in to my temptations?

Wish you all were going to be around the table with me. But, rest assured I'll be snapping so many pictures tonight, my friends might start to get irritated with me, even though, today, they're not allowed to.

You hear that, guys? Not. Allowed.



meleary said...

Happy Birthday Kiira! Can't wait to celebrate with you! Keep up the great blogging!

Sarah said...

Can't wait for tonight! And you're right- the calamari salad is completely crave-worthy... Looking forward to indulging with you. Happy Birthday K-Pal!

Nadina said...

happy bday to the best food blogger ever!

happppyyyy birthdayyyy tooo youuuuuuuu


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