Monday, November 15, 2010

arthur ave.

What better excuse to hit up Arthur Ave. than for a quick lunch before a trip to the Bronx Zoo? Besides, we had two Swedish "tourists" with us and it seemed like an appropriate NYC experience--and one that this so-called "New Yorker" hadn't yet experienced. Our game plan? To hit up whichever spot along Arthur Ave. that we could find a parking spot in front of. And lo and behold, we found ourselves at Full Moon Pizzeria.

A slice of cheese for me (judge all you want, but, I think this is the best way to detect a pizzeria's worth) and a few other slices of veggie-laden pies and we were ready to gorge.

The pizza was good enough--a typical New York slice--but certainly nothing to rush back to the Bronx for. And we can probably blame that on my lack of energy to seek out the "best" of the neighborhood for the sake of convenience. So why even bother posting about this lackluster, run-of-the-mill lunch? Because I really just wanted to post pictures of my Swedish cousin Renée's little nugget, Nellie, indulging in her first New York slice.

I nearly die every time I look at that angelic, rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed face. She is absolute preciousness personified.

And she's a really, really good eater. A petite gourmand in the making.


oliverwhchan said...

You missed an Arthur Ave Gem: Pugsley's Pizza, technically, it's off of Arthur Ave (right across from Fordham University), but the chicken rolls there are the best in all 5 boroughs.

Izzo said...

u shouldve gone to catanias. full moon is good...but catanias is the best.

Kiira Leess said...

thanks for the tips oliver and izzo! i'll have to check out pugsley's and catanias next time i'm in the area.



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