Monday, November 22, 2010

co ba

My love for Southeast Asian cuisine is old news by now. And by old news I mean I've beaten the proverbial dead horse, ad nauseam, in front of you all more times than I'd like to recount. But I can't help but get excited when I come across a new cilantro, mint, and lemongrass-centric place to share--especially when said new place is a stones throw from my apartment. It automatically gives it an unfair and openly biased boost based on convenience. But for what it's worth, I was dining with a Swede and a Connecticut'er, both of whom could not stop raving about the food and would leave civilly only if they were promised to return soon. So regardless of convenience-factor, Co Ba is totally bringing it with their food.

And balance (of flavors, textures, and temperatures) is the name of the game.

ginger poached duck with cabbage salad topped with vietnamese coriander, shallot crisps, and spicy lime-ginger dressing

grilled lemongrass chicken over vermicelli salad with fresh herbs, peanuts, and a chile-lime sauce

pan-seared red snapper with spicy lemongrass-pineapple sauce

We left with lips still tingling, stomachs comfortably full, and wallets miraculously in tact. The ideal dining experience with exceptional service--oh, and did I mention it's conveniently located? And don't even get me started on their Banh Mi's.

God, I love this kind of food.

Enter: Dead Horse and Kiira, bat in hand.

110 9th Ave. (b/w 17th and 18th)

FOOD: 37
LOOK: 17


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Hanna Leess said...

can we go here tomorrow!!!!!!!


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