Tuesday, May 26, 2009

beach eats

I am pleased to say that I am refreshed, bronzed, and, well, sad after an admittedly fabulous Memorial Day Weekend. Sad because I'm staring longingly out my window right now, wishing I were back home, lounging on the beach or kicking it around the house. The switch went off this weekend. I am officially in Summer Mode and not at all ready to "focus" or "work" this week. My productivity levels are nose diving as we speak. Anyways, I suppose that that means this weekend was a smashing success and for that, I am not complaining one bit.

While I didn't find myself eating half as much BBQ and burgers as anticipated, I did have one incredibly notable little meal on Saturday. After a long, lazy afternoon soaking up as much sun as humanly possible at Compo Beach in Westport, we decided to stop by Splash, a waterfront restaurant and bar located within the Inn at Longshore, for a cold one and a bite to eat. Without even glancing at a menu, we trusted our friend Arax, and we ordered four Cracked Calamari Salads to go. Down to the waterfront bar we went to sip on ice cold beers and bop our heads to the live "jazz" band that was most certainly gettin' down.

Then the salads came. Oversized white take-out boxes were opened to reveal a huge mound of frisée lettuce and little pieces of fried calamari scattered throughout. I generously drizzled my dressing on top (what tasted like soy, ginger, and lime, with some sort of spicy kick) and piled up my fork with the perfect lettuce to calamari ratio and shoveled it in my mouth. De-freaking-licious. Crispy, crunchy, cool, and refreshing. It was the perfect bite after a near perfect day at one of my favorite places on Earth. The beach.

As far as home cooking went this weekend, it was kept to a surprisingly drastic minimum. Turkey burgers and hot dogs were grilled one night and last night it was grilled steak sandwiches with a salsa verde mayo-mustard spread, grilled asparagus with truffle oil, grilled red onions, and a huge salad. None of which was consumed by me (read: hello, lunch) in my haste to hop on the 7:43 mad house, sardine-packed train back to New York. But two friends in tow, sitting atop our luggage with ice cold beers in hand, we managed to continue our long weekend of fabulousness even while on over-crowded public transportation.

Toot. Toot.

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