Monday, May 4, 2009


My Dad popped by yesterday to take a look at the new digs and to treat his first born to a little pre-birthday dinner. Not. Too. Shabby. So I decided to check out Jane over on W. Houston, the famed brunch spot with the perpetually incessant line every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. But since it was a rainy, and albeit dreary Sunday, we had absolutely no trouble walking right in for an early dinner.

The restaurant is surprisingly large inside. Dark wood paneling, budding tree branches placed throughout the restaurant in over sized vessels, large pieces of modern art along the back wall. Not at all what I would have pictured but it was very nice, nonetheless. Cozy and warm, with the friendliest of staff.

As per usual, I had obviously pre-read the menu online days prior so I had a feel for what I was going to order. The lamb ravioli was the first thing that caught my eye but when we had finally gotten there on Sunday, I found myself leaning towards the Salmon-Avocado Tartare. But as soon as our waiter came by, we were alerted that there would be no salmon tonight. And with that, my decision was made.

A glass of dry rose was my aperitif of choice. Although it was far from spring-like weather outside, something about a glass of rose puts me in spring mode no matter what the temperature outside.

Lamb ravioli with mint, French Feta, and a Cabernet sauce was quickly placed in front of me.

Absolutely delightful. The pasta had a serious chew to it and inside these lovely little pockets was a filling of shredded, tender lamb infused with fresh mint. The Cabernet sauce, which at first glance, sounded rather daunting, was actually a very nice accompaniment; slightly smokey and seriously smooth. The French Feta was a fantastic salty bite: a cross between feta and goat cheese, with a much softer mouth feel than that of Greek Feta.

My Dad went with the Grilled Chicken Salad with roasted corn, grape tomatoes, bacon, avocado, and blue cheese. And while it might sound like your run of the mill, Cobb Salad, it was actually really very good. The lemony red wine vinaigrette made the salad pop and all of the flavors played off of one another.

Was it mind-blowing food? Perhaps not entirely. But it was perfectly yummy and the right kind of ambiance. I doubt I'll be waiting in their one hour minimum wait for brunch on the weekends, but I'll definitely be back for a lovely supper on a weeknight to try their Toasted Ricotta Gnocchi with Truffle Oil. And hey, maybe the Salmon-Avocado Tartare.

Because once I've got something in my head, we all know, this girl's gotta see it to fruition. And fast.


100 W. Houston (nr. Thompson St.)

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Anonymous said...

I was at Jane on Sunday night too. The Toasted Ricotta Gnocchi was really good. I don't think this has ever been the case but almost too much Truffle Oil, especially compared to the delicate Ricotta flavor.

I had wanted the Lamb Ravioli but was talked into the Roasted New England Cod by our waiter, big mistake. The fish was pretty tasteless and the rest of the stuff on the plate (semolina pearls, chorizo and pea puree) were all pretty mushy.


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