Monday, October 26, 2009


You guys? I'm pumped. You know why? I just discovered an absolute new go-to. And Terroir is the name of the game.

Owned by the same peeps of Hearth and Insieme, Terroir is their wine bar located in the East Village and boasts a seriously impressive wine list (known for their Riesling options) and a menu of small plates. The space is small but intimate and features blond wood paneling and soft lighting. One high, long communal table with stools is supplemented by seats at the bar. And a seat at the bar, is a guaranteed fantastic experience.

First of all, I've got a shout out to give. Tanner, the guy behind the bar, is totally charming and informative. He was more than willing to offer suggestions and catches on to your palette likes and dislikes immediately. An absolute plus as it allows you to try a variety of different wines (they have full glass pours and half glass pours, giving you more opportunities to expand that palette of yours).

I don't know why, but I've been kind of camera shy as of late. So the pictures below are mediocre at best but I had to show you some of the crazy delicious bites we nibbled on. First came a beet and orange salad topped with lemon oil and crushed hazelnuts. It tasted exactly like it sounded and while nothing out of this world, it was a welcomed bite of freshness next to the uber indulgent lamb sausage wrapped in sage leaves and then fried. Salty, incredibly juicy, and a concentrated sage flavor for days. These are a treat not to be missed.

Next came a smoked chickpea and calamari salad with celery, garlic, lemon, parsley and chili. The flavors coming alive in this dish were beyond intriguing and spot on. Smokey and salty meets bright and crunchy. I'm a sucker for calamari in all its incarnations, and this was no exception. I'm going to have to experiment with a recreation of this dish ASAP.

Their duck panini is somewhat famed so I had to squeeze one of those in. Duck ham with hen of the woods mushrooms and taleggio cheese? Please. Seriously, please. The combination of flavors in this guy yielded the...say it with me...perfect bite. Further enhanced by a healthy sip of a hearty red and Kiira was in her happy place.

And then of course, there's the wine. And get ready to be faced with a binder full of options. But before you enter panic mode, relax. The guys working here want nothing more than to help you find your perfect glass. And with so many options, I dare you to not find at least one glass to your liking. One of my favorite tastes of the night was the wine seen below. I couldn't tell you much more than the fact that it was slightly fruity, slightly savory, hints of smoke, and a gorgeous mouth feel. My kinda vino.

Terroir is the kind of place you instantly cozy up to. From the beyond personable wait staff, to the overall vibe this place is rocking, you can't help but want to linger. Try one more wine. Take one more bite. Stay just a little bit longer. And really? Can you think of a better dining experience?

Go Yankees! (Had to.)


413 E. 12th St.

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