Friday, October 22, 2010

blind sparkling wine tasting

It's hard for me to articulate much of anything this morning because last night, my world got rocked. As in a warm, fuzzy, gluttonous, dream-like sequence of events which started with the promise of a blind sparkling wine tasting and then in walks a guy holding a bag which carries the makings for lobster rolls (with lobster from Cape Cod, I might add), followed by another two gentlemen with another four bottles of brown-bagged bubbly, and then I had to hold on to the counter for stability. Between the food and drink that was lying in my immediate future and the four-inch-high suede platform clogs I was sporting, my knees? They were a-knockin'.

And then the potato rolls hit the buttered cast iron griddle and I was hanging half my body out the window for air. This was a joke, right?

Nope. No joke. This was my real life Thursday night. There was also some triple-cream, pungently aromatic Brie, an aged goat's milk Gouda, sliced salami, hot and fresh-from-the-oven flatbread, and a green olive tapenade for spreading. And then the lobster salad, with the perfect meat to celery to mayo ratio was spooned onto the buttery, toasted rolls and I was just dumbfounded. Mouth agape. Turns out, there's nothing a male could do to be any more attractive than when they're handing you a homemade lobster roll on a toasted buttery potato bun. Nope. No, there is not. That is it. Take note, dudes.

I mean, get out of here with that claw meat!

As far as the bubbly goes, I jotted down tasting notes but they'll do no one any good. As usual, there was an interesting variety of bottles which challenged and excited our palates. But to be honest, I had checked out after my lobster roll. The names of the bottles will have to remain "TBD" until I've been pinched or woken up and the dream-sequence has ended.

Ain't bubbly grand?


katie said...

You have a seriously fabulous life, Ms. Leess! (And I'm so happy I can live vicariously through your posts!)

Kiira Leess said...

ha! i'm glad it comes across that way ;) although last night's fabulous-ness was absolutely legitimate. wish you'd hopped on that bus!

katie said...

I do not believe for one moment that those lobster rolls would have still been there after my four hour trip. Next time eat your rolls on the Cape and I'll hop in the car!


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