Tuesday, October 19, 2010

taking my own advice (you should too)

Even though I didn't sit down to dinner until a staggering 10:15pm last night, my chirashi bowl was well worth the wait. And although I don't suggest starting a two hour marinade process at 8pm, sometimes that's just the way it goes. So what better reward for a grueling day than a piping hot bowl of homemade food? A heaping spoonful of ginger-infused sticky rice was topped with some shredded carrot, creamy avocado, sliced Japanese-style broiled chicken, and drizzled with a sweet soy-sesame sauce flecked with chili flakes. The contrasting textures and temperatures and flavors were so deliciously thoughtful and satisfying, I can't think of a more appropriate and well-received dish on a chilly, tiresome, yet massively rewarding Monday night.

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