Thursday, October 14, 2010

inspiration for down the road

Every now and then, I have to remind myself that I have bigger and better dreams ahead of me. Because when I start to think a little too hard about what is I want to be doing and the complications and difficulties that are associated with getting there, a girl can become just a little too overwhelmed, a little too quickly. Which is why I like reminding myself that someday, down the road, I'm going to have a little place of my own. A small, casual restaurant with approachable but thoroughly interesting and delicious food, an approachable but diverse wine list and craft beer selection, and a lobster bake every Sunday in the Summer. My restaurant will be near the water. My restaurant will be fabulous in every way. With a pitch like that, how could it not be, right?

We can discuss your standing reservations later. Because I just came across these photos for the new Lower East Side restaurant The Fat Radish (the word "fat" will be nowhere to be found in my restaurant) and I let out a gasp. This is my aesthetic, actualized. A Scandinavian feel with undeniably Parisian accents. The minimalistic yet warm and inviting look is one that I stand behind. It makes perfect sense to me. And it's the kind of environment that encourages relaxation but with a certain air of sophistication. Behold the look book for the restaurant of my future:

Photos courtesy of Eater


bee and jay said...

Very cool! Loving the ceiling & the bar stools in the last two pix!

We think we should discuss our standing reservations right NOW!

Berit said...

Lets go check it out! The decor is so looks a lot like your bedroom.

bee and jay said...

LOL!!! Too much info!! Kiira has bar stools with foot rests affixed to the walls of her bedroom??!!

Kiira Leess said...

bruce and john - this is is tight! and if that means my bedroom has to double as a wine bar, then so be it ;)

(truth be told, there's no exposed brick or wood-paneled ceilings to be found in our apt, but berit, i appreciate the compliment!)

Kiira Leess said...

and you know what i love even more about those bar stools? the coat/purse hooks! those should be required at every bar/restaurant.

bee and jay said...



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