Friday, October 22, 2010

inspiration: wine tasting rooms

Absolutely lusting over these Northern California winery tasting room photographs via Remodelista. Aside from the fact that they make me want to drop everything and bust my behind to the nearest tarmac to hop a plane headed West, they're also incredibly inspirational just from a design aspect. The aesthetic in each and every one of these tasting rooms makes me deleriously happy and I can't exactly explain why. They just make sense. And they feel familiar. And subtly romantic. And they're in the wine country. And here I go again, dropping all my stuff and frantically mapquest'ing my route to JFK.

Olabisi Wines Tasting Room

Medlock Ames Winery

Outdoor Terrace at Cade Winery

Blackbird Vineyards

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Keeks- CADE is one of our wineries. Come out West and I will take you there for free:) Also, check out The Carneros would love FARM & The Hilltop restaurants. Happy Friday xo


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