Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas gift idea [for foodies]

I glanced over at the calendar this morning and noticed it's the 15th of December. Which initially, yielded no reaction other than the uttering of "hmph" and followed up by a yawn.

About five minutes later, the chemical synapses in my brain started to function at a snail's pace and I finally came to: I really need a haircut.

Ten minutes later: Christmas is ten days away.

And as I sit here racking my brain for gift ideas for the lucky [wink] recipients in my life, I thought I'd fork over [pun so intended] my two cents on what to give the foodie in your life this Christmas.

A Boos Block (shown above, upside down, as a serving platter for my chipotle meatloaf sliders).

Handsome and practical, these substantial butcher blocks will improve your life in the kitchen by tenfold. There's nothing worse than attempting to do prep work on a small cutting board that's constantly shimmy-ing around on the counter (and not to mention, incredibly dangerous). It's simple: When you have the room to chop, cooking becomes easier. Much, much easier.

Wait. Did you not know that?

Maybe your synapses have caught the same bug as my synapses. It seems holiday denial causes temporary loss of common sense.

But the real kicker here? Giving this as a gift will undoubtedly result in a dinner invitation. Or three. Making the Boos Block the gift that keeps on giving. I mean, I'm just sayin'.

Ho, ho, ho.

Purchase Boos Blocks* here and here and here. I assure you, they are worth every penny.

*I suggest gifting a bottle of mineral oil alongside for longevity and care.

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