Thursday, December 9, 2010

holiday parties

No matter what the season or time of the year, I'm often faced with the following question: "What should I make for_________?" From potlucks to romantic dinners for two, I find some sort of thrill in putting together what I consider to be, the most ideal recipes given the circumstances and taste buds of my faithful inquirers. But the second the Holidays have made their presence known (I find CVS and the like to be among the first to jump that gun), is when the questions really start trickling in. Consistently.

"What should I make to bring to a holiday cocktail party?"

More often than not, I want to respond with, "Well, there's always pizza..." to which I think most of you want to laugh while simultaneously socking me in the face. I love my readers!! No worries, though. I get it. You're over it. I killed it for you.

And yet, they always go over so well whenever I serve them.

But for the sake of not suggesting the "P" word and saving myself from a shiner, here are a couple of ideas that would go over smashingly at any of your holiday cocktail parties this year. Just one question: Where's my invite? 'Cause this girl's got far too many festive cocktail dresses that are waiting, somewhat patiently, to celebrate the season.

crostini with goat cheese, orange, red onion, and mint
(Spread goat cheese onto crostini. Top with a salad of orange segments, chopped fresh mint, finely diced red onion, salt and pepper.)
(Omit the tomato but add chopped avocado to the salad. Make the bammy in 2" rounds.)

And since the Holidays just maniacally scream cocktails (c'mon, something's gotta save us from awkward encounters and occasional--err, inevitable--family bickering) I suggest whipping up a large pitcher of my Pomegranate-Lime-Basil Martinis. And keep 'em coming.

Happy Holidays! xo.


Dale Cruse said...

Kiira, I'm going to let you in on my secret. You can use it, but don't tell anyone else, okay?

If you're going to a holiday party & don't know what to bring, bring Champagne. Nothing makes it a holiday celebration quite like Champagne.

If you're going to be lounging at the beach all day with your friends but still want to party like a rockstar, bring a bottle of Champagne in your cooler.

If you get invited to a dinner party but don't know what wine to bring because you don't know what's being served, bring Champagne. The host(ess) can open it before the meal & everyone will think you're the best.

Don't let anybody else in on the secret, okay? ;-)

Kiira Leess said...

Dale, my friend, your secret is safe with me. But you're on to something...! ;)


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