Friday, January 14, 2011

a divine (and soon to be delectable) delivery

There's something to be said about the element of surprise. That precious moment of pure amazement (or horror, to some) brought on by something entirely unanticipated. More often than not, those kinds of moments are few and far between. But last night, I was pleasantly surprised and equally bewildered by a large box from CB2. Had the sender's identity not been leaked due to a UPS mishap (shame on you, UPS...), my first wildly irrational thought would have been: Did I order something in my sleep? (God knows I have a nearly full online shopping cart on their website.) Alas, no. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift from an awfully thoughtful someone who figured this cheese-lover (read: addict) and entertaining fanatic could use a handsome new wooden cheese board and industrial-looking cast iron cheese cutters. You know, just 'cause.

Absolute perfection. And a total surprise to boot. I must be putting out some seriously good karma.


Now: To the cheese store so I can christen this board to the likes no one's ever seen. Or thought possible. Or dared.

Surprise someone with one here.

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