Wednesday, January 26, 2011

weekend dinner party

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

One of the many things I love most about wine is its natural affinity with food. So much so, that wine in and of itself, can be the inspiration behind a dish. Simply because wine almost always begs to be enjoyed with food. As I sipped on a glass of zippy Sauvignon Blanc last night, I was immediately hit with an intense craving for Vietnamese food. The bright, juicy tropical fruits that were wafting from my glass were exotic and lush then quickly cut by sharp and intense lime-like acidity. Visions of chilies, cilantro, mint and basil flooded my head. And then, while sifting through tear sheets and Matisse prints, I noticed a recipe out of the corner of my eye for Halibut Vermicelli with Fresh Dill and Pineapple Sauce. I gasped. The transformation of my facial expression was extreme. From ho-hum-blah straight to pure elation. As if I'd stumbled upon a hidden treasure, like a crumpled $20 bill in the pocket of an old coat. Big win! Look. What I'm trying to say is, had someone been secretly filming me, it would've gone viral. Like that. Or at the very least, would have made for one hell of a flip book.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have normal reactions in situations like that. You know, ones that aren't quite so...dramatic. But then I remind myself that that'd be boring. And by boring I mean less certifiable. Then my mind wanders elsewhere.

Let's eat, shall we?

spring rolls with vietnamese dipping sauce
2009 Loimer Riesling Kamptal

halibut vermicelli with fresh dill and pineapple sauce
2010 De Martino Organic Sauvignon Blanc

tofu dessert in ginger-clementine syrup

For the spring rolls, I recommend buying frozen. Any reliable Asian Market should have a couple of different varieties for you to choose from. Also, Trader Joe's carries Lemongrass-Chicken spring rolls that have brought in countless rave reviews. Paired with a simple homemade Vietnamese dipping sauce, and no one will know the difference.
Halibut Vermicelli with Fresh Dill and Pineapple Sauce

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