Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new restaurant alert: scuderia

Ok, ok, I'm a day late here. Scuderia opened yesterday. But since apartment hunting has taken over my life as of late with an impending move out date you're going to have to excuse me. Right? RIGHT?!

Oh, thank goodness!

So, with that out of the way, the owners of Da Silvano have opened up this new 100-seater joint right across the street, called Scuderia. The menu appears to be straight forward "rustic" Italian with very few surprises, but the space itself is what really caught my eye. Perfect joint to grab a last minute drink or bite to eat on the "most desirable" strip of 6th Ave (near 10 Downing, Bar Pitti, etc). I love the communal tables and the bar set up...the whole vibe seems upscale chill without having to try too hard. And quite frankly, that's absolutely my kind of place.

When the move is finally over and done with, you know I'll be sure to pop my head on in.

10 Downing St.

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