Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the tiny kitchen complex

I happen to love Mark Bittman. And I love my Bitty in a special kind of way. You know the sound of your favorite singer's voice? The one that if you possessed magical powers, could pull a "Litte Mermaid" and swap out your singing voice for theirs (my swap would be Norah Jones, btw)? Well, Mark Bittman's food knowledge and writing style (indefinitely tied with Ruth Reichl, the Food Goddess herself) is one that I'd be blessed and honored to mimic. His blog for the New York Times, Bitten, always features smart, short recipes, how-to videos, and posts that are simple, to the point, and always entertaining. Nothing's overdone, nothing's over-produced, it's just him, his food know how, and the really important stuff: the food itself. Just as it should be.

That said, while this article is a few months old, I consider it an extremely important read. Think your kitchen's too small to cook in? Time to get over it. If you really wanna get in there and create, experiment, nibble, entertain then nothing's gonna stop ya. And a small kitchen is no excuse. Here in Manhattan, large kitchens are few and far between. Your kitchen or coffee table may need to become a temporary butcher's block but, hey. Chopping onions while sitting on your couch may not sound ideal but when you're kicking back and enjoying a bowl of 5-hour, slow-cooked bolognese, you're going to zip the lip.

It. Is. That. Good.

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