Tuesday, March 31, 2009

village voice choice eats: tonight!

I was honored and beyond shocked when my good friend alerted me that the Village Voice had listed me (well, my blog) as one of their press clippings for the Choice Eats Event tonight. Me? Press?! An amazing feeling to be listed among the food sites I turn to countless times a day. I don't think they realize how meaningful that was to me.

Anyways, the Choice Eats Event is TONIGHT! I've been trying extra hard to be extra good (think egg whites and lettuce leaves) today before trying oh, 50+ restaurants food samplings. Ok, there's no way (or is there...?) that I'm going to be able to try them all so I've widdled down my list to six places I'm not allowing myself to miss: Baoguette, Fatty Crab, Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery, Motorino, Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches, and Porchetta. We'll see how I'm feeling after six generously sized samples before I indulge in more.

Either way, you know I'll have lots to dish on tomorrow after I'm rolled to work.

Can't wait to binge.

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