Friday, August 28, 2009

more love for mooncake

My love for Mooncake Foods is old news by now, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to once again reiterate the yumminess that is this cozy little joint. We ran over last night, Sauvignon Blanc magnums in hand, for dinner with friends. And while I stuck by my sliced steak with cilantro ginger sauce, we did have a few new dishes 'round the table to try.
To start, we tried out the wings with spicy honey soy glaze. Fantastic! Sweet, spicy, and juicy, this is the only way you can get me to eat chicken wings. Great balance of textures and flavors, we sucked the bones dry.

Lemongrass shrimp vermicelli was beautiful and a generous size, however, poor Sarah was attacked with heat so intense she was silent for a good 15 minutes. Silence mixed with the few words she was able to cough out, smoke slithering its way through her lips. Heads up, Mooncake: unless you're going to advertise a dish as spicy, adding large chunks of jalapenos to a dish is an absolute no no. Especially when there's no milk to offer a near death patron. Not cool!

The shanghai home style short ribs were another winner of the night. Super sweet and tender with a spice blend I couldn't even begin to decipher. Order these. Ok?

Nadina's steak sandwich was so gargantuan she ended up attacking it with a knife and fork but no complaints there. She too, happily chowed down.

If you live or work on the west side or Soho, check this place out. They've got a location on 30th and 8th and the one on Watts and Thompson and have a pretty large delivery zone. Just watch out for the sneak attack 'penos.


Sarah said...

I SEE THE JALAPENO ON MY SALAD! ahhh that's what killed me- that green square piece nicely resting on my noodles, waiting to strike and blow up my mouth.

Nadina said...

ellen is totally dominating our photo. not cool. she wins


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