Tuesday, August 4, 2009

must try: xie xie

Photo: Melissa Hom, New York Magazine
Low and behold, a great looking Asian sandwich shop called Xie Xie (pronounced shay shay) has opened up in my old stomping grounds on 9th Ave. With a menu showcasing five different sandwich options and wine juice boxes and cans of sparkling wine, I sit here disappointed and just a little bit angry they hadn't opened up while I still lived nearby. But not to worry, a quick ride up on the C/E train and any one of these delicious looking and sounding sandwiches could be mine. Midtown Lunch ordered one of everything (except the lobster sandwich) to provide us with pictures and a taste breakdown of each and I honestly can't decide which one I'd have to order. Solution: go with four people, order one of each, juice boxes for all, and try a little bit of everything. Overdone trend or not, I look forward to trying out Xie Xie's spin on the ever present Asian-style sandwich.

Xie Xie
645A Ninth Ave. (at 45th St.)
View Interior Slideshow here

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