Monday, August 10, 2009

on hand: frozen dumplings

My beautiful and always funny foodie Aunt Kari has deemed these Trader Joe's Thai Shrimp Gyoza dumplings as pretty divine. Sadly, Trader Joe's never seems to be do-able for me during the week but it looks as if I'm going to have to make an exception. Because you know. Kari says, we do. Got it? Good.

I make it a point to always (or as often as I possibly can) have frozen dumplings on hand. They're a fantastic go to when you're staring into your refrigerator, eyes glossed over from the boredom of its contents, and you're glancing towards the take out menus only to remember, aha! I have frozen dumplings! I don't have to have a boring dinner! I can steam up some dumplings and make a quick little salad and I will be happy! Hooray!

If you don't share that same euphoric reaction, you're the weird one. Not me. I swear.

All jokes aside (because this has been a hilarious post, I know), check out your grocery's selection of frozen dumplings or swing by Trader Joe's. If not for Kari and my sake, for the sake of some Two Buck Chucks.


kari said...

When I read "for Kari and my sake" My mind immediatly drifted "Sake" as in rice wine. So for my sake eat those dumplings with Sake!!
And I mean it!!

Thanks Kiira

perfectbite said...

I read it as Sake also!!! hahaha.... We do think alike!

Congrats on switching out Harry!!!


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