Wednesday, December 9, 2009

sam sifton update

Korean Beef Bulgogi BBQ made by yours truly, photographed by Aimee Herring

Reading through Sam Sifton's latest review of Madangsui, a Korean BBQ joint, I noticed something. After an awfully wet and depressing start to my day, I found myself smiling. From beginning to end. Because thus far? I totally dig Sam Sifton.

There's a certain relevancy in his writing style and restaurant choices. He's approachable, witty, passionate. All qualities that I hope to convey in my writing as well and that Sifton delivers so seemingly effortlessly. He's hip without having to try too hard and the fact that he saw the value in reviewing a Korean BBQ joint that lacks any and all glitz or glamour makes him that much more credible in my book. I mean, it could also be credited to my affinity for Korean BBQ and all its incarnations but ehh, whatever. As always, I'm already looking forward to next week's review. You should be too.


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