Monday, November 9, 2009

donna's surprise

On Friday night, we all gathered at my Mom's house for a huge surprise celebration: Donna's 50th Birthday. With most of the catering being taken care of by our all time favorite sushi place, Little Tokyo, the house was transformed into the ultimate party hall. Donna's face lovingly plastered over any and all surfaces, fantastic lanterns dressed the table, and amazingly good food and drinks were passed and poured all night, without stop.

Surprise parties, or parties in general, should really be thrown more often.

Happy Birthday, Donna. We love you so much.

Quickly seared Tuna drizzle with Spicy Mayo, Tobiko, and Scallions
Oysters topped with Scallions, Ponzu, and Sriracha

Yellowtail with Ponzu, Spicy Crab Salad with Cucumber
Paris's Crimson Champagne Cocktail: Cranberry syrup steeped with star anise and cinnamon, a dash of brandy, and topped with champagne

Hoisin Pork Tenderloin with Asian Slaw

Henry's Lobster: Chunks of Lobster in shell, flash cooked in wok with slivers of ginger and whole scallions

Me, Ing, and Donna the Birthday Girl

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donna said...

Thanks for this beautiful memory........


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