Monday, November 2, 2009

ode to megan leary

Food related? No. But one of my best and dearest friends, Miss Megan Elizabeth Leary (along with Stevie Turner!), ran in the New York City Marathon yesterday and she (along with the rest of the runners) deserves all the praise and admiration in the world. Amidst tears of joy and flat out amazement (waterproof mascara would have been a good decision), we followed her around the city, cheering her and the rest of the runners along. And seriously? What a freaking unbelievable achievement. Megan was unfazed and fresh faced at Mile 16. Even happier and still cool as a cucumber at Mile 24 (seen above). The girl just exudes this infectious goodness that I feel so crazy honored and blessed to be around every time I'm with her. She arrived to her congratulatory party last night jumping up and down with excitement and as we all charged her giving hugs and wiping tears, what did she have to say? "I feel great! So great in fact, I wish I had run faster."

And can't we all learn something from that?

Congratulations Megan and Stevie. In awe of both of you.

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