Monday, November 30, 2009

the thanksgiving spread

So remember that whole rant I had before Thanksgiving about how this year I was doing away with the godforsaken turkey? About how it's perpetually and inevitably dry? About how I couldn't care less about tradition and screw it I was making roasted chicken?

Well, you see, things, err, changed.

The mother bought a turkey and I was forced to forfeit. So straight to Cook's Illustrated I turned (do you still hate bloggers, Chris Kimball? I'm about to put you on a pedestal) for what I hoped would be a foolproof turkey recipe. It would brine in salt water overnight then would be brushed with butter. Breast side down and into a 400 degree oven, it roasted for 40 minutes and then was flipped (let's just say thank god no one was watching me do this. but, kiira 1, turkey 0) and roasted for another hour until the breast meat registered 165 degrees F.

Then it just sat on the counter for a few hours, covered loosely with foil, while I put everything else together for the meal.

Now look. I'm sorry, but the turkey was freaking unbelievable. Never have I ever experienced (nor thought it was remotely possible) such tender, such juicy, such flavorful turkey. Get rid of every other recipe printed or torn from various magazines (as I just did) and replace them all with this one. You too will be in awe.

On to battle #2: Oysters. Now, I'm an absolute oyster lover. Every Sunday that I get the chance, I love to pop on over to the Lobster Place on Bleecker Street and have them shuck me an oyster of my choosing on the spot. Squeeze of lemon, throw 'em back. But that's not to say that I've ever purchased them and shucked them myself. But after all the hard work and the three little guys that were most unfortunately lost in battle + 1 knife (yikes, Kiira), they most certainly were worth it. Gorgeous and down right truly special tasting, a guest so generously noted "these are the best oysters I've ever had in my life."

That said, I don't see myself shucking my own oysters again any time in the near future.

And now, I'll politely shut up and allow you to take a look at this year's Thanksgiving spread.

The end.

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meleary said...

Raw oysters on Thanksgiving! Love it! My mom made a oyster stuffing dish this year that was good, but very rich. I could only enjoy a few bites. Looks like you had a fantastic Tgive meal!


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