Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm thinking about starting a new list of posts filed under a "WTF" category. And for the first WTF post, I bring you this little gem I came across at my local produce market this weekend:

WTF is a Maxican Pepper? Not only is this casually politically incorrect but I just don't understand the need to package 12+ Maxican Peppers (read: jalapenos) instead of selling them individually. I picked it up and looked at the lady at the register with a "WTF?" kind of look followed by "who buys this many jalapenos?" to which she responded "I don't know. Restaurants?"

This is a produce bodega. Not a restaurant purveyor.

Either way, fix your labels. And your jalapenos-sold-only-by-the-package rule too, as it caused my Sunday Brunch homefries to suffer a bit.


Erol said...

That is just funny!

Jules7 said...

grocery stores in NYC are whack


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