Monday, March 29, 2010

bubbly birthday brunch at spitzer's

Due to technical difficulties, this post is two days late BUT, let's all wish Miss Arax Rae Van Buren of Kiss and Type a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday (on March 28th)! And how did we celebrate the gorgeous Arax's 25th year of fabulousness? With a bubbly brunch at Spitzer's Corner on Sunday afternoon. With an intimidatingly long farm table filled with friends, we cheersed the Birthday girl over poached eggs, truffle mac and cheese, mimosas, and the occasional Bloody Mary (I so wish I was a Bloody fan. They just look so cool, don't they?).

Rob's non-organic (hah) Bloody Mary

Hydrangeas for the Birthday Girl
Truffle Mac 'n Cheese for Arax
Bacon and Gruyere Omelette
Panko Crusted Poached Eggs over a Spinach-Cheddar Fondue
Eggs Benedict over Pork Belly and Brioche with Chicory Salad and Homefries for yours truly
Money $hot

Cupcakes from Westport's Great Cakes

A few leisurely hours were spent around this table, laughing, telling stories, admiring the Birthday girl's new bling, and relishing in the company of old friends. Just the way a Birthday should be. Happy Birthday, Arax. Love, love, love you.

FOOD: 34


LOOK: 18




Arax-Rae Van Buren said...

I had such a great day - Thank you so much for this recap and for making my day so special!


Great photos!

Kiira Leess said...

arax - xoxo darlin
court - thanks!

Jules7 said...

holy mother that food looks tasty


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