Thursday, March 25, 2010

let's do brunch

This past weekend was so spectacularly gorgeous that we had no choice but spend every waking minute of it outdoors. And while our plans for Saturday morning initially entailed hopping on the L train over to Williamsburg for brunch at Egg, they were soon vetoed in favor of anywhere with outdoor seating. Besides, brunch is annoying, isn't it? There's always a wait at the hyped up places and the bill racks up way too easily for my wallet. Brunch is, in fact, super annoying.

Somewhat embarrassingly, we ended up at Silver Spurs (W. Houston and Laguardia), a diner with the world's most annoying menu. Due to the proximity to my digs, I've frequented Silver Spurs more times than I'd like to admit when the weekend rolls around. But we now know, I'm somewhat of a diner girl, so I often find myself craving some good diner grub. So I walked on over on Saturday afternoon to bag a table and soak up some sun while I waited for my friend, Berit.

And soak up some sun I did. The entire left side of my body was fried with a particularly unfortunate racer back tan line. The top was cute. I swear.

And what did I sip on while I waited? Oh just the most delicious and slightly tangy fresh squeezed orange juice perked up with some vodka. "So, like a screwdriver?" the waitress said to me with a puzzled look on her face. "Yes. Exactly. I'll have one of those."

Two poached eggs sitting delicately atop a toasted english muffin, smoked salmon, and avocado (hold the hollandaise, please) was what I treated myself. And this will now, undoubtedly be my go-to order here. Berit went with the turkey club. Was it fine dining? I mean, c'mon. Don't make me answer that. But it was a near perfect bite when washed down with a healthy sip of our fresh squeezed screw drivers and the early Spring sun willingly accosting our skin, the buzz of downtown New York City all around us, and a day with nothing to do but whatever we damn well pleased.

Silver Spurs
490 Laguardia Place (at W. Houston)

FOOD: 33
LOOK: 12

This gets bumped up an additional 10 points for their outdoor seating and availability there of. I didn't wait a second to get a table for two in the sun whereas every other place in the neighborhood was rocking an hour+ wait. Kudos, Silver Spurs.

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