Monday, March 1, 2010

meet my dad

The following perfectly represents my Dad's personality and philosophy on life: keep it simple. He's a classic, no frills kinda guy and when I popped into town on Sunday to celebrate his Birthday and offered to take him to dinner, his response, to which I was not the least bit surprised, "Well, you haven't been to the diner yet, so we could do that..."

My Dad is a diner man. Always has been, always will. And although I fought it as a little kid, I have now grown to love a good diner. And now have what most would call extraordinarily high expectations when it comes to diner fare.

And so, to the New Canaan Diner we went to celebrate the Pop's big day.

There are three things which I judge a diner on: their Eggs Benedict, their Gyro, and their fountain soda. If that comes as a surprise, then I'd venture as far as to say that you haven't been to enough good diners in your lifetime. But that's my reference point. The new New Canaan Diner is from the same owners of the famed Post Road Diner in Norwalk, CT (holler PRD's all my NCHS'ers) so I knew that ordering a Gyro was not only a safe bet, but a welcomed indulgence. Dad went for the open-faced meatloaf sandwich. And their fountain soda (read: serious Diet Coke fountain soda girl)? Served in a HUGE Coca-Cola glass, perfect syrup to soda water ratio, and ice cubes you only dream of. Happy Birthday, Doug.

And to draw an even clearer picture of my not-so Old Man, dessert was a margarita at Tequila Mockingbird. The only Mexican joint and watering hole in town and right next door to the diner. And we sipped, and talked, and I sought advice, and we laughed and it was the kind of night that makes you happy and blessed to have family that's always only an hour train ride away.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Love, this little one.

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