Monday, March 1, 2010

meli melo

Yes, it's another ham and cornichons baguette sandwich. Sorry for the redundancy. But for what it's worth, I find these sandwiches come far and few between so any opportunity I get to pounce on one, well, I pounce. And this past Sunday was no different.

Meli Melo is one of my favorite spots in Fairfield County. A tiny little crèperie, soup, salad, and sandwich spot on Greenwich, CT's Greenwich Ave. It's as authentically French as anything you're going to find on this side of the Atlantic and whenever we're in the area, it's a given that we have to pop in. Hungry or otherwise.

A crispy baguette (you know, the kind that leaves you with somewhat welcomed cuts on the roof of your mouth) with one side smeared with sweet butter, the other with serious dijon mustard, thinly sliced country ham, cornichons, and lightly dressed baby greens. There's not a single element of this sandwich that needs tweeking. Perfect every time.

Mom really gilded the lily with the beurre et sucre (butter and sugar for you non-francofiles) crepe for dessert. Quite frankly, it's the only way I like to eat my crepes. Totally simple but unabashedly delicious.

I think it's starting to become increasingly obvious: I think I aspire to be a lady who lunches. Must figure out how to somehow monetize on that concept.

Suggestions welcome.

Meli Melo

362 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich, CT

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