Monday, March 15, 2010

the filling station

I've lived in the city for over two years now and I have still not yet made it to Shake Shack. I'm hiding my face behind my hands like a coward as I type this as I realize this is comparable to committing some sort of horrid crime to which I have no excuse for. I just simply haven't had the opportunity, nor made that much effort to attempt the daunting lines. And to be honest, I try and keep my burger intake to a minimum. If I can help it.

So this Sunday, after dragging my once again sick behind back to Connecticut for some R&R and health rejuvenation from Mom, we stopped by the Filling Station: New Canaan's new burger joint that boasts locally grown organic beef and nitrate free hot dogs. If that's something you're looking out for and/or is important. To me? A burger is a burger is a burger. Well, most of the time.

I entered slightly skeptical (but come on, it's what I do). Colds always leave me with a less than hungry appetite and I was certainly not craving a burger. But we crammed ourselves into the tiny place and patiently waited in line. Two cheeseburgers, one fry, and two fountain sodas later, we plopped down in our seats.

Again, I've never indulged in the glorious Shake Shack burger but I imagine the experience is quite similar: a ridiculously soft potato bun (a must for any burger as far as I'm concerned), lightly pressed on a flat top then piled with a thin patty (surprisingly cooked a perfect medium) topped with yellow American, lettuce, tomato, onion, and "special sauce." The kid behind the counter told me it was a Chipotle sauce, but there wasn't a hint of any smokey spiciness in there to be found. I'm convinced he was mistaken.

Regardless, this burger was near perfection. It should be noted that I'm a thin patty burger lover. I'll push a colossal burger aside, it's just not my scene. But The Filling Station's attempt at this comfort food classic was beyond admirable. Crinkle fries too, are sadly not my preferred way to indulge in twice fried carbohydrates, but to be honest, I'm happy to leave those behind in favor of finishing my entire cheeseburger. Because with the whole "I'm not that hungry" thing, I didn't expect to get through half of this bad boy.

Alas, I didn't leave a crumb.

If you're in the area, and in the mood for a slightly sinful little experience, pop by The Filling Station. If you can squeeze yourself in.

The Filling Station
19 South Ave.
New Canaan, CT


corksandcaftans said...

mmm. looks delicious. if you're ever really hungover and interested in a hair of the dog (oh, I don't know... maybe a split of OPUS ONE? their wine selection is pretty rad), you should give it a go. It was pretty orgasmic. :)

and no crinkle fries! they remind me of bad babysitters who couldn't operate our microwave and served me lukewarm food.

Kiira Leess said...

omg. crinkle fries = bad babysitters. you're EXACTLY RIGHT! ore ida. shivers.

i will most definitely make my way to the real deal. and an opus one split? shivers. in the best way possible.

Edie Lively said...

Now I am convinced you are doing this on purpose! We are just weeks from bathing suit season, and I am again, a day into yet another cleanse.
The Filling Station, really? My mouth is watering!

Kiira Leess said...

listen, i've got to be bikini clad in t-35 days.

that said, i'm off to TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING in t-2 hours to attempt to erase every single delectable bite of that burger.

and yes, i realize that's impossible. hmph.


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