Thursday, June 10, 2010

go denmark!

In light of the World Cup, I figured the best way (and arguably the only way considering I just had to be reminded that Sweden, had not in fact made it this year, proving my World Cup knowledge to be virtually nonexistant) to show my support for Denmark was by sharing with you all a few Scandinavian recipes to whip up before the game. In Denmark, open-faced sandwiches are called Smørrebrød and they're immensely popular in Sweden, Norway, and Finland alike. While the toppings may vary slightly country to country, conceptually, they are one and the same. Find yourself a loaf of really good rye bread, toast up a few slices and then play around with some of these topping ideas.

Lay a few slices of butter lettuce on a piece of toasted rye bread with mayo and top with sliced hard boiled egg, cold baby shrimp, and a lemon wedge for squeezing.
Smear some good quality, sweet, spicy Swedish mustard on a piece of rye and top with salami and thinly sliced cucumber. Cracked black pepper on top is optional but likely encouraged.

Smoked Salmon, cucumber, dill and a squeeze of lemon makes a simple yet well-received gesture.

Roast beef with roasted onions, cucumber, and a remoulade sauce (mayo, grainy mustard, finely chopped gherkins).

So shimmy a few of these onto your World Cup Smorgasbord spread. And perhaps have a few South African wines on hand to pour? The Man Vintners Chenin Blanc is a personal favorite of mine and an absolute no-brainer at around $9 a bottle.

SKOL! (which coincidentally rhymes with GOAL! which in turn equates my level of wit and humor to that of a 10 year old boy)

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