Tuesday, June 1, 2010

in season: peaches

Photo Courtesy of Something's Burning

Much to my surprise, the peaches I picked up this past weekend were fantastically flavorful albeit petite (I suppose bigger isn't always better, such as in the case of my height, for example). I like my fruit a little on the under ripe side so for me, the peaches were ready to eat the same day I picked them up. I threw them into a salad on Memorial Day (which you'll see tomorrow) but if you happen to pick up a few this week, might I suggest a peach bruschetta? Smear a toasted slice of baguette with a little goat cheese or taleggio, a few pieces of baby arugula, a slice or two of peach, and a crack of black pepper. A couple of pieces of this bruschetta alongside a nice glass of wine, and you're looking at my kind of "dinner" most nights of the week. Because truth be told? More often that not, that's how I eat.

And now you know.

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