Monday, June 28, 2010

meet chuck hughes. no, really.

There he is, my friends. Chuck Hughes, alive and kickin' on the corner of 9th Ave. and 16th St., graciously showing his devastatingly adorable self in a seersucker button down (I assure you, he's even BETTER looking in person) to fans and unknowing fans alike. Chuck was on hand to help promote his show, Chuck's Day Off with the Cooking Channel food truck which was serving up free People's Pops. After exchanging more than a few words with the man of the hour, doing my best to play the whole thing cool, I walked away desperately hoping he hadn't heard my knees knocking while we were chatting (it could have been the fact that I was sporting a pair of 4" wedges, but let's be honest here).

Whether or not I was able to accomplish that is up for you to assume (be kind) but my plum-tarragon People's Pop certainly helped attempt to chill me out after my steamy (Friday was hot, y'all) and much-anticipated encounter with...Mr. Chuck.

And I'm still not over it.

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