Friday, June 11, 2010

i want, i need

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I just came across these gorgeous coozies (two words I never in a million years imagined to be in succession) while perusing Refinery29 and for whatever reason, I'm kinda freakin' out over them. They're Summer perfection in every way possible. And for any of you fellow boaters and beach-goers out there, you know that rough seas and sunshine are the kiss of the death for cold, bubbly beverages. But with a Bottle Freaker, not only is the problem partially solved, but you're sure to be the hippest and chicest looking guy or gal on the Sound. Each precious little "sweater" fits around various beer bottles, wine bottles, soda cans, and water bottles. At $8 a pop, this makes a fantastic little spontaneous gift for the cold beverage loving, sun-worshipping friend in your life*.

*If you're wondering if I'm talking about myself, the answer is a resounding, yes, yes, OF COURSE I AM, yes. Discretion? Discretion got tossed overboard.

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