Tuesday, July 7, 2009

beer sangria at boqueria

Last Tuesday was "Beer Sangria Day" at Boqueria Soho and given that we practically live on top of this fabulous little tapas restaurant, we decided it had to be tried. With one roommate on my right arm we excitedly entered the Spanish haven and were seated at the high communal table in the center of the room. After asking our decidedly yummy waiter about this mysterious beer sangria, he suggested we get a pitcher. For two. Because once we had one glass, we'd be sure to polish off a pitcher in no time. We laughed him off but ordered the pitcher anyway. Fizzy and not the least bit overwhelmingly sweet, it was spiked with triple sec and speckled with fresh fruit.
And roughly one hour later, said pitcher was empty, and my dinner date and I were chatting away with our fellow communal table diners, urging them (successfully, I might add) to go for the beer sangria too.

And don't worry, there was some food consumed too. Pan con tomate, Pintxos Morunos (seared lamb marinated in lemon and cumin, served with salsa verde), Croquetas Cremosas (croquettes three ways: mushroom, salt cod, and suckling pig), and Pintxos de Pulpo (grilled octopus, tomatoes, sugar snap peas and artichoke skewers served with green olive vinaigrette), our overall favorite of the four. Definitely a Tuesday night splurge but a well-deserved and excitingly delicious one at that.
Boqueria Soho
171 Spring St., nr. Thompson St.

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