Monday, July 27, 2009

summer means lobster rolls

For as long as I can remember, I have yet to go through a Summer without at least one steamed lobster or lobster roll experience. As a faithful New Englander, it just wouldn't feel right to go without. And certainly not a sacrifice I'm willing to take. Starving artist budget and all. So this past muggy Sunday, my Mom and I found ourselves at Rowayton Seafood's outdoor seafood shack where we ordered two lobster rolls (although they're calling them "Lobster Sliders") and two large lemonades. As we patiently waited at the red picnic table we enviously watched the lucky boat owners in the harbor lazily lounge. Finally, when our biodegradable "lunch boxes" were called up, I could hardly wait long enough to take a picture before I dove in.

Although the slider format didn't do much for the eating experience (I'm a purist and missed my top-split New England hot dog roll), the lobster meat was absolutely tender, light on the mayo, with just some chopped celery. My all-time favorite Summer treat. But since I longed for my typical top-split lobster roll, my Mom and I both agreed that the next time we treated ourselves to this special and luxurious lobster sandwich, we'd straight up order a tub of the lobster salad (sans slider buns) and dig right into the lusciously large chunks all while sipping our Country Time Lemonades.

Butter poached lobster with vanilla bean? No. And quite frankly, no thank you. But the classic, no frills kind of lobster we both grew up on? Yes, please.


Sarah said...

Try the lobster rolls at Brendan's 101, down the road. much better!

Harry said...

Next Time I suggest that you carry a hotdog bun in on the sly and then slide on the yummy lobster salad then you'll be on a roll!!


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