Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the gourmet institute

A little bird in the culinary PR world gave me the heads up about this Gourmet Institute weekend-long event and I assure you, I've been hounding the poor kid ever since. This has yours truly written ALL OVER IT. First off, as you all know, Ruth Reichl is my hero. My inspriation. My idol. Clearly, I could go on and on. Second of all, Gourmet is my jam. Not only for fool proof and always impressive recipes but for food photography so intense yet simplistic, it's frameworthy. I tear out recipes and photographs from every issue as a reminder of how to do food right. THEN, you add in folks like Dan Barber, Anthony Bourdain, Michael Psilakis, Marcus Samuelsson, and Jean-Georges Vongreitchen (among many, many others) giving seminars, demonstrations, tastings, and cooking classes and I'm not even kidding you, I'm having a full blown panic attack. Hives are happening.

Kiira. Must. Attend.

This is the epitome of the ultimate culinary experience. Unplugged.

Give me a second to collect myself.

Ahem. Alright, so this epic event is going down October 23-25 and a "Special Weekend Package" is going for $825. Here's where you all are going to come into play. Donate. Now.

All jokes aside, a number of restaurants are participating and offering dinner specials which makes this all a little bit more accessible. But, for the time being? Some sort of fundraiser will be in the works combined with nightly prayers. All hail.

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