Wednesday, July 8, 2009

bruni on nyc's latest pizza craze

In this week's New York Times Dining section, Frank Bruni provides us with an interactive guide to this city's most notable pizzerias. From Co. to Motorino to Lucali, take a drool-inducing look at New York City's finest. My vote? Lucali (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn) all the way.

Although the pizza craze is nothing new to New York, given the economic climate of the past year or so, it has become especially popular with city dwellers looking for a night on the town that won't ravage their wallets. And what's better than pizza? I've gotta be honest, a good pizza, arugula salad, and a spicy, fruity red wine, and you'd be hard pressed to make me more content. A simple crust is one of the most ideal palettes a culinary artist could ask for. Endless possibilities.

On a side note, Keste just recently opened up on Bleecker so based on proximity alone, this might be the next one to try. Plus the picture snapped of their pie looks particularly promising.

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